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  • dark peapea
  • 2014/10/31 (Fri) 19:58:03
From Kenzo Frankenstein and his creation

Getter robo Doujinshi

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/08/22 (Fri) 06:11:30
Long time no post anything here! Sorry so much :( I really want to talk with you about all good things concerning our beloved Go Nagai Universe!! KYAAAAAH DINO GETTEEEER!! KYAAAAA, GRENDIZER GIGAAAA!! I can't stop fangirling all day long with such good news!

BTW, after the Comike hurricane (it's a tiresome event, really!!) I can tell you about my little Getter Robo doujin. I told to Peapea that I was not in time to release the "Dynamic Fiesta Heroes" doujin, so I made a kind of guide book with settings and illustrations and raw sketch parodies about the Mazinger films. It's a veeery thin doujinshi (28 pages) but it's quite cute! XD

If you want to purchase a copy, I recommend you to wait until october, cause the other doujin will be released by then. That way, you won't have to pay shipping cost two times:)

I've posted many pannels of the two doujins on twitter, in case you didn't see them, please, feel free to check out!


(Tendercomrade, there are lots of Hayatos! ssssh!)

By the moment I'll post here a sample of the cover of "Getter sen ga ippai!" (Whole lotta Getter rays!)hehe!

I'll try to post more pannel samples, too!


Re: Getter robo Doujinshi

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/08/25 (Mon) 23:23:30
WOW. My friends always tell me to get on twitter, but I never understood the point until now! Did your Getter doujin sell out? If it’s possible I want to buy any doujin that you draw!

Re: Getter robo Doujinshi

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/08/26 (Tue) 10:29:23
I like twitter more than tumblr because you can reply without reblogging, it's quite useful. And I met many Getter Robo fans there! hehehe... (mostly japanese and korean fans)

I still have some doujins at home, I ordered enough copies in order to sell them at Comic City Spark, too! Anyway, despite being a small fandom, douji has sold well :D very well!

If you wanna buy it, I recommend you to wait until october (if you want to buy the two of them, of course). I will reserve a copy for you! ;D

BTW, did you read the last chapter of Dino Getter?? waaaah! Hayato looks like he has been created in image and likeness of the Hayato who is in fangirls' mind XDD Can't wait until the next chapter iiih!

ehem, I post here another sample of the doujin, a cute photo of all Dynamic Heroes acting like normal young guys XDDD (they're normal young guys after all...)

Re: Getter robo Doujinshi

  • purin chan
  • 2014/08/27 (Wed) 07:39:26
Congratulations! I am pumped to see it! It will be a nice omake for the upcoming master fanzine doujin.

It is a small number of fan population but surely your lured a lot of new curious fans with art alone.

Go Nagai boys is an excellent medium for sexy and party energy ~~^0^/ love them together
this happy picture look tempting to color
Akira's ass is in a league of it's own...

yet not read last chapter yet since been sharpening a doodle impression idea from previous. must check.

Re: Getter robo Doujinshi

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/09/05 (Fri) 20:12:35
Thanks for setting one aside from me. The previews on your twitter are tantalizing! Yes, I've been following Dino Getter, but I can barely believe my eyes. An official manga is giving me content that exceeds my most daring fangirl dreams! I think people laughed at my strong reaction to the new, courtly Hayato, but I can't help it; I'm still reeling.

Re: Getter robo Doujinshi

  • purin0chan
  • 2014/09/28 (Sun) 12:38:49
oh~!! I see new previews on your twitter! It's hot guy overload. It is a party happening in your book, I love it

I do not have incorporated twitter in living routine since the micro feed style is too much; charged anxiety every try there. But is is worth to check how friend are there from time to time (^^

we are really exciting over what you come up with

not a text wall

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/08/08 (Fri) 01:32:15
I feel bad for posting text all the time and never pictures, so here is my study of the Discobolus of Myron, which I dressed up as Duke for fun.


  • peapea
  • 2014/08/10 (Sun) 01:17:09

Kouji's reaction to this fine specimen

////////////^, ^/////KAWAII

  • purinpu
  • 2014/08/13 (Wed) 06:37:59
I always waiting for tendercomrade's new and novel draw! DROOL~~~~~~~~

Softly oil pastel feels but cleanliness of CG.

omg! the LEGS again!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Re: not a text wall

  • Yuji Mine
  • 2014/08/13 (Wed) 08:54:36
tendercomrade san

It is cool DUKE that uplifting!
I also want to draw like this.

peapea san

It is cute KOJI


  • purinpu
  • 2014/08/16 (Sat) 05:25:46
A tender boy's face fitted with a perfectly defined body, that is Duke Fried (≥ȝ≤) yaa~~~~n!! clutch my heart ~
This meld of finesse and naivete of olde victorian american children's book, no one can do it anymore. But you bring back its nostalgic delight... please draw more!

something I need point out, constant amazed how see here the soft oil pastel drawing of Duke seamless transfer to soft 3D clay seem of Grendizer. Your make is bewildering each time

I do it too! Do try make practice training to an illustration. It is economical

Re: not a text wall

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/08/22 (Fri) 06:14:51
Magnificent!!! I wish I would studied this masterpiece instead of the real Discobolous!
Our prince has a classical body, yuuuuum! like a greek god, aaaaaah~!

Dino Getter Robo

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/05/26 (Mon) 12:56:11

Re: Dino Getter Robo

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/29 (Thu) 20:45:30
Nagare grow up from a girl

Wow... we will get to see Getter Robo cast in prehistoric caveman fashion? Kinky!

Re: Dino Getter Robo

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/06/07 (Sat) 09:01:02
I like this Ryoma! He pilots with no shoes on, to match his barefoot Getter

It seems like Kazumi Hoshi is good at grotesques, so I look forward to seeing how he'll draw the rest of the cast. I wonder if we'll get Musashi, Benkei, or someone else in the plesiosaur Getter?

I've read enough manga to suspect, when a hero is saved/augmented with bionic technology, that his "dead" friend will also come back as an enemy cyborg at some point. Maybe we'll never see Decapitated Boy again, but I want to put my prediction into writing so I can congratulate myself if he does come back evil. I suppose being able to make wild speculations is part of the excitement of having a new series made!

Re: Dino Getter Robo

  • purinpu
  • 2014/06/07 (Sat) 09:12:12
oo! I am waiting for it to come true!

Re: Dino Getter Robo

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/08/08 (Fri) 00:56:05
Have you read chapter three yet??


It's mostly Hayato's story and it's a real doozy!!! My only complaint is that his hair is very weak, but I forgive Dynamic because this page-boy style matches the courtly romance they've written for him (!) and they do put him in lots of distress. I will never recover from the part where his face is viciously stomped into a bed of shoujo roses. Did I mention that they give him a love story with sparkly shoujo roses everywhere?? I'm not making this up!!!!

Hopefully giant, shaggy Musashi will get more focus in the next chapter.

enter jin

  • purinpu
  • 2014/08/10 (Sun) 02:54:53
peapea tell me to read your description before read the new chaptre! laughs

Hayato they made pretty I hope page-boy style retain some signature long curve bang of hair. I did not expect mild hair on Hayato!
Giggling how is accurate the story happen to be align with specific taste(that i guess from site layout) tendercomade's fantasy ^-^ I impressed. Because everything! This rich theme really~ need to be exploited more *(rub hands) Hayato blood dew drops on roses appropriate macabre Getter beauty
I look forward to he act knightly during whole run, from whence he grow up. A court knight is alike his cool demeanor.
Bondage already. mmm.
Ready for a 3 seater steed to slay some dino dragons. Dino Getter team is showing contrast now.

Getter Robo Thread

  • peapea
  • 2014/02/26 (Wed) 02:51:02
(let's put the getter talk here)

Yes, I've only read the 70s manga. I wasn't especially impacted at the time... but to be fair, I felt same about Mazinger Z. It had fun moments, but it wasn't something that stayed in my thoughts afterwards.

What made me interested in Getter Robo was the Armageddon OVA. Particularly the beginning and ending. It was so intense, stylish, and definitely gave me a taste of that monumental scale Tendercomrade was talking about. By the time moons were used as weapons and planets sliced with a single move, I was losing my breath because I didn't believe what I'm seeing. And then the ending topped even that...
I've never seen a mecha anime this impressive before, it's still a favorite.

I watched New Getter Robo after that. I liked it too, and it sure had a lot more character development than Armageddon. The robo battles didn't impress as much though. And it significantly favored Ryoma over the other pilots, while I was really looking forward to seeing their teamwork.


" I also like the OVAs but they can be frustrating. The way they revel in the crude energy of the manga while neglecting its substance makes them feel incomplete at times, instead of standing on their own like the TV series. "

This confirms what I thought. Watching the OVAs, I felt like I'm supposed to be familiar with the manga.
So the next goal is Getter Robo Go and Shin Getter Robo... thanks for the recommendations!

I'm downloading the Getter Robo TV series now, too.

(and SKL side talk)

  • peapea
  • 2014/02/26 (Wed) 03:40:50
By the way, do you know if SKL got any more background story outside of the OVA? It bothered me Magami's "mysterious past" was never explained, despite having major consequences in the story.
It would be nice to know how did those pilots get hold of Mazinkaiser, too (and who is responsible for installing that skull on its head).

About SKL

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/02/26 (Wed) 05:24:14
I'm not very much into SKL (as I said before, I only bought some doujins). But since I knew there was a manga version I bought it too (tooo cheap). Go Nagai is the writer (but I wouldn't be so confident about that XD) and mangaka is 星和弥 (I don't know how to read some names of people ^^UU)Style is kinda simple but effective, with more gags than expected XDD But, the first two volumes include no references to the past of these guys and nothing about "Mazinkaiser Tuning" XDD looks like a complete parallel universe...
Anyway, those guys are nomonoomononomon enough XD

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • purinpu
  • 2014/02/26 (Wed) 05:29:14
guy in front look like Duke and Kouji's lovechild.........

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/02/26 (Wed) 05:35:00
XDDDD I think they both look like Kouji and Duke, or their two "lovechilds" XDDDD
AH! I forgot to tell you, this mangaka (星和弥) has been choosen to draw a new manga for Getter Robo which we will be able to see next april! Can't wait!!! :D

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • purinpu
  • 2014/02/26 (Wed) 06:05:20
This new manga seem is same style of new Getter Robo anime too. Robots look nice, then hope humans as well! Now have modern builds. Maybe it will spawn a new generation of yaoi, who knows.
Seems Go Nagai take over Ishikawa's projects ;w; aw his buddy.

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/02/27 (Thu) 04:59:31
Purin! yes, I also want this manga to be a success and new generations of yaoi fans will draw lots of Getter Robo doujins, too XD

getta robo sama

  • purinpu
  • 2014/02/28 (Fri) 05:13:26
We finished Getter Robo sticker to commemorate this topic Flying proudly.
(peapea , you didn't need give me credit~)

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/02/28 (Fri) 08:18:35
Sorry for talking so much about Getter! Please understand that although it is my favorite manga, this is the first time I have discussed it with like-minded readers so I’m very excited :’) Maneswan, I completely agree with what you wrote about Ishikawa’s “colossal anatomy.” The first time I encountered his work I had thoughts like “The legs are too big! His jaw is awkward!” However I learned to appreciate these choices as part of a monumental style: no matter what angle the characters are viewed from, their anatomy suggests the perspective of an insect looking up at a giant!

Thank you for the info on Mazinkaiser SKL and the new (dinosaur themed?) Getter Robo. Having the Getters take on the traits of their enemies is novel but also consistent with the spirit of the series, which has always dealt with convergence and the annihilation of boundaries. I can’t wait to see more! And thank you for helping me out at Haru Comic City! I don’t think I can thank you enough for that!

Peapea, I hope you enjoy the manga! I’m about halfway through the Grendizer anime and I’m so glad that you and Purin influenced me to watch it. It’s great to be a Go Nagai/Dynamic Pro fan because there are so many classic series to explore.

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/02/28 (Fri) 14:55:41
Purin! Your Chibi chubby Getter is the cuttest thing on the world! Wanna eat iiiiiiiiit! groooooarh! 

Tendercomrade, you're welcome! I've already contacted with the artist of Tonde UFO and I told her I'll go to Haru Comi in order to buy everything from her XD I hope we'll have a good conversation there, too XD

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • purinpu
  • 2014/03/04 (Tue) 14:50:14
Tell us more about Getter Robo!(≧∀≦)☆ How do like


  • peapea
  • 2014/03/14 (Fri) 08:46:00
I loved Shin Getter manga!! That's more like it!
Chubby getter will always be dear to me, but I can't resist Shin Getter.
With small eye pupils, the robo designs become more fearsome somehow.
I also like how the enemies graduated to more terrifying. Finally I saw what the Emperor is...

Moving on to Go.

Me&Purin stated watching Getter Robo TV (livestreaming), but still on ep.5.
Maybe it's too early to say, but compared to Hayato and Musashi, Ryou is a pretty boring character in the TV version? He makes the other characters shine.
The battles are much more interesting than in the other old super robo series - getter change doesn't get boring.

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/03/14 (Fri) 14:24:35
WOOOOOH! You already read Shin Getter Robo!! Great!! Yep, once you get used to Ishikawa style you can appreciate its tremendousness.
I agree! TV series Ryoma is the perfect protagonist. I'd have loved to see the agressive and reckless Ryoma as he is in manga version. But we got a polite leader in front of a cool Hayato and an absolutely histrionic Musashi XD Anyway, they are a good combo :) Ryoma will provide good moments,too :D And, of course, his "GEttaAAaaAAAa BiIiIiIiMmuu!!!" is one of the most moe things on the world :D====
Getter Robo Go is a very gooooood manga! perhaps is the most acclaimed Getter Robo saga. Enjoy it!!


  • peapea
  • 2014/03/14 (Fri) 21:27:18
Yes, it takes some time to get used to the later style, but it's just the character faces. The robots, backgrounds, special effects - everything levelled up wonderfully.

Usually I have trouble reading manga with a lot of fighting, because sometimes I don't understand what's going on in the action panels. In Getter, even the most unbelievable battle scenes are easy to follow. Except when it was intentional otherwise. The two moments when Shin Getter was facing the Emperor, it took me a few seconds to find Shin Getter on the page.
The speed change battle in Armageddon was one of my favorite scenes, so it was great to see where it originated from!

* * *

Also Mane, thank you for the SKL info~~~

Too bad the manga doesn't fill the plot holes...
I found some extra information in this SRW wiki, maybe you can read it better since I just ran it through translating software.
From what I see, the pilots are based on Mondo and Tatsuma from "Gakuen Taikutsu Otoko", not Duke and Kouji. But I like the idea Duke and Kouji were their idols <-- Purin's concept

Also it bothered me in the OVA Garan called Magami Erbsünde, but it wasn't explained what it is.
Here's some info:
So it's artificial humans created to be used as soldiers operating mech weapons, long before the events of SKL. If Magami was number MK174, I guess it was a mass production. It says something they rebelled eventually, but I don't understand if Magami did too. Maybe not, if he came out of this alive (with a trauma).

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/03/15 (Sat) 00:27:52
Peapea, I’m so happy that you enjoyed Shin Getter Robo! I agree that one of Ishikawa’s strengths is his ability to guide the reader’s progress through a visually dense page. I’ve spent many hours studying the way he balances detail with clarity by arranging various objects and figures into easily-read groups. As for Shin Getter itself, I like it too, because it’s not just a newer and cooler looking toy to sell to fans. Rather, the new design helps visualize ideas that have taken center stage in the manga. Not only do the eyes suggest that Getter has its own agenda, independent of human characters, but they’re also useful for illustrating Ryoma’s dream, where Getter becomes his body.

I’ll be interested to see what Maneswan gleans from your links. It never would have occurred to me that Kaidou and Magami were based on Mondo and Tatsuma, but the fujoshi in me is intrigued: I understand that Mondo and Tatsuma have some steamy moments in Violence Jack, so perhaps we can all feel vindicated for pairing Kaidou and Magami together ;)

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • purinpu
  • 2014/03/18 (Tue) 14:14:52
A lot of talk I have to say piled up for Getter Robo~

But for now, I finish Getter Robo and near end of Getter Robo G. Looks like Getter shed some weight by end of Getter Robo but gained it back by the next series...

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/03/20 (Thu) 05:46:07
ummm, sounds interesting.... Mondo and Tatsuma are two top class heroes in Go Nagai World, so this modern revision of them in SKL makes me want to know more about our hotieeehem... Kaido and Magami.
Physically, Mondo and Kaido are very similar, specially Mondo in his 1971 manga version, which is kind of super crazy and superduper violent. The similarities between Tatsuma and Magami are less evident, since Magami's bishonen features become blurred because Kaido is quite attractive, too XD. In Gakuen Taikutsu Otoko there is only one bishonen character XD
But, in terms of relationship, I must admit, after reading that link info, that they are more like Mondo/Tatsuma than Kouji/Duke :( I love all them, but since Kaido and Magami are related to Mazinkaiser, I thought automatically on Kouji and Duke XD
Yep, Magami is an artificial human, I understood that thanks to a douji I bought, in which we can see Kaido having sex with 4 or 5 Magamis at the same time XDDDDDD That time I thought Magami was a clone or something like that! Doujinshi is one of the best ways to know about characters! XD

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • purinpu
  • 2014/03/28 (Fri) 15:37:46
Mondo and Tatsuma is one of my favorite couplings in top 3! Love them.

I keep on think have not any favored coupling with same hair color, but always forget Mondo and Tatsuma is exception. Their design contrast is so complimentary to compensate for that same hair color part.
In my opinion, manga of which Mondo and Tatsuma hails from is most hot blooded of all Go Nagai&#039;s work. So use them as base is appropriate of SKL. Actually, it all make sense now, if know that and glance at SKL pilots' behavior.

Whaaaat~! Doujinshi creative spin on facts is the best! It is too funny. From experience, I learn fujoshi are most in touch with character's nuances


  • purinpu
  • 2014/03/28 (Fri) 15:54:24
Getter Robo do great to balance 3 main characters. Even though admit is pretty doll boy appeal more, I can't say I like Ryoma best. I like all three as a team.

Hayato characterization

  • purinpu
  • 2014/04/02 (Wed) 18:32:26
I like a part of role which fear played. Fear was sobering. It act opposite of usual, fear let man lose all senses and go berserk, that it did for Hayato first, but product of in long term is wake Hayato up to direct his talents for sake of humanity. Only to berserk from the start Hayato, was appropriate. Because Hayato before lizard enemy incident do not know fear, was wild and run amok. But after all sweaty melting faces of fear, he is forced to be gathered and rationalize and full utilize his potential talents of calculation and reflexes. So have have matured by this. In other words, have come to fruition.
Though Ryoma and Musashi go through a lot, when compared with Hayato, remain quite stable characterization from start.

Getter Robo LINE PLAY

  • purinpu
  • 2014/04/06 (Sun) 11:35:21
Everyone here is trusted , so I release login details of LINE PLAY Getter Robo charas have made. If anyone want to try, feel freely to do! On smartphone, download app "LINE PLAY".
Every weekend have new limited edition gacha costumes and gacha sales.
Some are fun to play dress up.

Then login details:
Hayato Jin
login username- hayatojin2@outlook.com
password- getter2

Musashi Tomoe
login username- musashi3@outlook.com
password- getter3

No Ryoma because no adequate hair style for match. To easy get gems , go to friends tab, then scroll to bottom and click INVITE +1000 gems button. It have maximum 200 gems. This is most fast way to earn gem. Other way is tedious.
I look forward to see how others adopt them!

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/04/09 (Wed) 09:50:05
Purin, that’s an interesting observation regarding fear in Getter Robo. I’ve come to associate the series with the concept of sublime terror, which holds that fear can open one’s eyes to things that are bigger than oneself. Yet somehow I hadn’t applied these ideas to some questions I had about Hayato’s transformation in volume 1. The process always seemed too abrupt to me, but your explanation validates it as far as I’m concerned.

Ryoma is more static, but I think comparing him with other shounen heroes reveals many interesting facets of his character! One of my professors was always saying that, when reading within a genre, meaning is found more in the differences between the various works than in their similarities.

I reinstalled Lineplay so I could visit your characters and everything’s really different from the last time I went on (about 10 months ago)! I’m still in shock! But it was worth it to snoop on Duke and Kouji’s diaries. So proud of his TFO :') Once I figure out what’s going on with this new version I’ll help fundraise for poor Hayato and Musashi :’)

Getter Robo new manga!!

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/04/30 (Wed) 05:37:36

In case you haven't seen it yet. Last week, Dynamic Pro web site was updated with the first chapter of Dino Getter. Kazumi Hoshi (Mazinkaiser SKL) in charge of the artistic part. By the moment, lots of dinosaurs XD wanna see Getter Robo soon! (seems to me that our beloved pilots won't be appearing T3T) Anyway, I love that this franchise is still alive! I'll be looking forward new merchandise to appear this year, too (40th anniversary).As for now, nothing new but this manga and Dino Getter related figures T3T.

It begin!

  • purinpu
  • 2014/04/30 (Wed) 22:56:36
Did not see before. Link thank you
Ryoma and crew not here? @w@; I see they make it violent as Ishikawa. Lets hope for to be big.

From figures, shapes of Getter Robos are clunky but in good way.
Ah, 40th anniversary? I wonder what all hardcore Getter Robo fans tribute turn up. So far we know Maneswan prepare Getter Robo book :3b

Getter Robo in its 40s

  • peapea
  • 2014/05/01 (Thu) 21:13:43
I haven't seen it before either, thanks for linking us!
I laughed out loud at "lots of dinosaurs" . For a moment I feared the pilots will be dinosaurs too.
I'm curious who will be the new pilots then, especially since everyone seems to be dead by the end of the chapter...

Yes, Mane already highlighting the year with the doujin contribution!

Bring it on!

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/05/03 (Sat) 10:18:23
Thanks for sharing, Mane! I wonder if I’ll ever get desensitized to Dynamic style carnage;;; The kids remind me a little of the schoolboys who were orphaned by twisters in the original manga. I guess this is how it would have ended for them if Ryoma, Hayato, and Musashi weren’t there to help. But I don't mind seeing new characters in the pilot seats because I think having a rotating cast is one of the things that's helped keep Getter fresh. Part of me would prefer to see the classic lineup being included in recognition of a big anniversary but I suppose the best way to honor the series is by letting it live in the present instead of trying to pickle it in formaldehyde. At least we’ll get to spend some time with them in Mane’s doujin!

The more I look at the new Getter designs the more I love them! For some reason I really like the little toes they put on One and Two . Maybe because it makes them seem more wild. And it looks like they’ll be able to metamorphose into forms that are even more feral, which would be an exciting new power for Getter Robo!

get get!

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/04 (Sun) 00:53:21
Ah, remembered, I curious of tendercomrade's Getter Robo illustration that have elicit plagiarize! This only a slight mention before, but I think of it ever since, just shy to ask of it... It must be something great if other person want plagiarized .

prepare yourself for dissapointment XD

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/05/04 (Sun) 03:52:52
Purin, I don’t mind you asking! But my technique was so immature when I drew it that I’m not sure it deserves to be posted here . If you really want to see some bad art by me, a couple of my old Getter drawings are still in the "Getter Robo" tag on my tumblr, including the one that was traced by a more popular artist. It’s funny that you'd mention that little episode right now, because yesterday I actually put Getter Robo fanart on my blog for the first time in two years. It doesn’t make as much sense for me to be bitter about a little incident now that I actually know some of the fans on tumblr, thanks to interacting with them here on this bbs. Because of that connection, I can feel like I’m posting things for my friends to see instead of dropping them into a void.

where is?

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/15 (Thu) 14:00:42
I checked at speed of light!
funny how peapea,manepi, and you draw the similar Hayato, picking most sexy features of all many Hayatos~~ *(laugh)
One is seem a kitty playing with yarn >w< I notice you desaturate skin and emphasize Hayato's snake eyes to match his cold nature. I like when cold evil thing is in endearing light. tendercomrade make artistic license be great novelty. Something of your arts is make tangible the subject, which is important for fans because they want beloved characters to be real.
I dont know how someone can think of plagiarize when it is each picture is such distinct your flavor~

It take a long preparation and have not find some exact words to match how thought, but please guess according to context (^^;
we are sincere this face ;o; at artist is hesitant insecure about their art we hold in such high esteem! [we understand how it is due to fault of tumblr and generic online communites]
difference is commercial mass appeal style not art is lesser in any way.
Western 'fandoms' have evolved people to lose personal individuality and be generic more than ever. I witnessed from beginning of fandom start on internet escalate until spiral out of control to mindless inhumane it is now. Now common anime fan take everything at face value when art should be take opposite of that. Take acts of generosity to use it narcissistically in fandom we see happen a lot, and left lingering feeling of icky. Treating everything as disposable as a thrill of the moment, not capable to comprehend or cherish ganpuku. With each new season trend they ride the tide of the wave then crash and disappears to foam, everything forget; they not even self aware of this. I'm opposite and like to be love and passionate of something forever- I think this is the point of love something? Well... To put it simply, they, common anime fans now are too shallow mind inadequate to appreciate special depth of your illust 6w9; ( but we gladly devour ! )
I actually used that portal as a cover to lure the very rare artists who are the real deal that are left, because I like to appreciate the good aspects of people. I'm more artist fan than artist.
To be honest it is our opinion tumblr suffocate talent+inspiration by make feel not worth to do something, instead of promote excitement togetherness like everyone supposed wants it be. It is why peapea and I reluctant to post valuable thing there.
What coincidence is this. Between peapea with me conversations have also used the same phrase with words "throw into a void", several times. It really is.

This BBS is a sanctuary compared though, we felt high from how perfect happy it is...

Addressing older reply

  • purinpu
  • 2014/07/17 (Thu) 17:57:15
Hello . . . reply addressing to some older posts ~ Sometimes it take me a long time to think how to say something ^-^;a please forgive this shortcoming of I. But I always want improving it.

MANESWAN and TENDERCOMRADE's Getter Robo finearts aspect discussion was absolutely riveting! In fact, I look forward to read this in-depth art intellect stimulating talk as a favorite hobby. But rare to find online since people who can do it is such incredible rare. Actually, probably other than here there is none online. There is complicated talk in some other forums but convoluted and cannot relate with, then I grateful delighted at what here so perfect to our liking. I and peapea can do it but since are chummy for long time, we most of time default to light relaxation play of slapstick. But, meet other people who are serious is such exciting opportunity and give us chance (and excuse <img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/e/287.gif">) to fulfill deeper side of artistic pining.

Please do feel need to wait for me, or anyone, to continue<img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/e/257.gif"><img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/e/266.gif"><img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/e/456.gif"> For me,.. I -LOVE- listen to it, but I shameful admit, I participate is slow and clumsy expression; but because I love so much, at least I want to put effort to try too~ ^-^b but, even if I silent, is intently listening and inspired~! Listen to this talk pump me up to draw too. I'm sure, is same for everyone too<img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/s/4767.gif"> Surely adds to enriched our experience, thank you.

Ufufu ~♥~ as both be avid Hayato support, how anticipated together swell get along ~♥~ !! Especially Pair is specially interesting, because Tendercomrade is super unconventional fangirl while Maneswan is super conventional fangirl ~ <img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/e/819.gif"><img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/e/267.gif"><img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/e/77.gif"> We really look forward see vVv

Uzahra and Shin Getter Dragon

  • purinpu
  • 2014/07/28 (Mon) 00:36:46
while draw fast , I realize the conscientious decision that Getter Armageddon OVA hatching is juxtaposed and never crosshatching. Crosshatching turned shadows to soft. So that is how they pull a boyish rugged and gritty look.

And.. Shin Dragon, is based on Uzahra isn't it... (I have read to end of Getter Robo G then start Jushin Liger a bit and not finish) The homage was done with nostalgic grace. Now I know, I can really appreciate it. Getter Robo Armageddon OVA truly is 100% fan service to Getter Robo fans!! This a golden standard of how pandering should be done. Now if only current anime remakes can know how to satisfy fans needs like this. The carcass of Shin Dragon already left big impact on me. Now know how Uzahra rests in space, give that experience even more depth. Even feel of atmosphere is similar. I have big respect to the artists of OVA.

I think, maybe it's time for Getter robo thread part III... *(laugh)

Re: Getter Robo Thread

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/07/31 (Thu) 06:37:24
That’s a good observation regarding the line work! I’m very impressed with how well the OVAs integrated elements of Ken Ishikawa's style into their design; he used the same approach to hatching in his mature work. I’ve actually been thinking about it a lot during the last couple days, while I read his Metroid comic. Seeing his drawings inked by someone else, with a more conventional approach, is making me realize how important Ishikawa's parallel hatching was to making his style work. And now, with perfect timing, you’ve explained why that is! I really learn a lot about art from this BBS.

Your earlier comment was right on the money, too! I know I’m a little unconventional, so I get scared that I’ll annoy everyone by saying something weird. In that mindset, it feels safer to reply than to initiate conversation. But I’ll try to be braver!

Doujinshi preview

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/04/05 (Sat) 14:21:36
Hello, girls! Want you to know I'm working hard drawing my doujin! And also want to show you some previews, by the moment 1/4 part it's done (yeeeeey) so, I think I'll finish it before july.
Ataru san told me that I could share her space at Natsu comi *____*
I hope there won't be any problem!
I'm enjoying a looooot drawing this doujin. It's funny because this fandom is quite small but active, so I really want to know the opinion of japanse fans about a new version of these characters made by an overseas fan.
I'm so excited!

Re: Doujinshi preview

  • Yuji Mine
  • Site
  • 2014/04/06 (Sun) 04:44:09

It is the comics that seem to be interesting!
The picture is splendid, too.

I am looking forward to the doujinshi you make!
I will not be able to go to Natsu Komi.
So I have Aatru buy me and intend to ask to have me spend it.

Re: Doujinshi preview

  • purinpu
  • 2014/04/06 (Sun) 05:21:03
~! WOOOOOW OMG Maneswan is working hard! We all wondered where you went, but turned out is busy at the table

wa;.. July finish (;-;) I think most people not realize just how much fanzine making is extreme hard work and extreme labor of love...
ok I mark my calendar!

It look like a full go around of all of Go Nagai titles. Sayaka and Kouji's bickering and Ryo's jealous glare of course. Full serving of fan service, I can't wait!

Congratulations for share space~ With Ataru-san will certain be a party

Re: Doujinshi preview

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/04/07 (Mon) 12:19:36
Yuji, nicce to meet you! I'm happy to meet a hard fan like you! Hope to see more comments from you here. Thanks for your comment, I'm drawing this doujin with all my love for these characters :)
Oh! It's a pity you cannot come to Natsu Komi :(, but... it's good to know you are friends with Ataru san! So, perhaps I will be able to meet you in person some day.

Puriiiiiin!!! How are you? I have not disappeared XDD I'm drawing a lot XD Yep, doing a doujin is quite exhausting but since it's done with love (as you said) is a pleasure!

Fanservice is my speciality! So, you'll see tones of it! XD Yes! Ataru san is like my fairy godmother! I love her!! :*****

wow yes

  • peapea
  • 2014/04/09 (Wed) 00:02:34
It looks great!! I love how expressive all the characters are. The scenes look so natural and realistic - Ryou and Michiru taking off their shoes, Hayato getting teased, hehee~~
I appreciate the little Duke too!

The lines and tones are so clean and detailed, I understand it takes alot of work... I look forard to the completed book

You need to take photo of your and Ataru's space and show us, of course

Re: Doujinshi preview

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/04/09 (Wed) 05:13:09
Wow, Maneswan! It’s clear from the quality of this preview that you’ve put a lot of effort into your doujin's artwork and characterizations! I know it’s already been said, but I had to post anyway because you deserve to hear it again and again. I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten this much enjoyment from a mere preview before.

Hi, Purin! I’m happy to see you posting!

Re: Doujinshi preview

  • purinpu
  • 2014/07/28 (Mon) 00:38:56
Oh ;[ ]; ! How is going? I hungrily await to digest its contents! If you need any help, let us know~
I think the coming of this is more exciting than any coming official releases to be honest *(laugh)

Dynamic Pro High School!

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/22 (Thu) 07:45:59
Share your ideas here~

Imagining Tetsuya in flower arranging club and I'm losing it.

Hayato and Ryo are loners, but eventually Ryo find Akira to cling to.

on a random note

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/22 (Thu) 07:51:34
peapea we need something impressive for BBS header? Maybe strobe lights...

Re: Dynamic Pro High School!

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/05/23 (Fri) 10:24:16
Maybe Hayato could bond with Mondo, Tatsuma, and Tsubasa over plans to overthrow the faculty?

Sayaka always wants to play sports with the boys, even though she’s not the best. However, everyone fights over who gets to have heavy-hitters like Jun Asuka or Honey Kisaragi on their team.

Re: Dynamic Pro High School!

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/23 (Fri) 11:08:45
Ha ha, true! Hayato have several variation series to consider. I thought Hayato can be leader of school delinquent gang, but he is not a type to bully. He just hate The System.

Can you imagine a young Hayato sit in a school desk ...

Re: Dynamic Pro High School!

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/05/26 (Mon) 12:41:31
XDDD it's funny! Last week I was rereading Getter Robo manga and I got stucked on the Hayato school scene! I even drew a few doodles (here you have one of them).
I think Hayato was the kind of bad cute boy easy to fall in love with XD He doesn't look healthy but he is still charming, don't you think so? XD

Yep, gakuen provides the best background for all kinds of stories! I would love to see Kouji and Duke i attending this crazy school. Duke is the exchange student (from another planet XD) and has to get used to the young students way of life... Kouji will help him, ne! I really like japanese high school uniform for boys... so cool!

Re: Dynamic Pro High School!

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/29 (Thu) 20:42:56
ooh~! sometimes I forget Hayato is natural state a high school banchou student! since in manga look is so like costume hero. By the way, I get stuck on Hayato school scene chapter 3 times try to read Getter Robo manga before finally finish.

Yes your draw totally depict this bad boy image for girls prone to get a crush on! Intimidating but because of that, mysterious that girls want to delve deeper.
I want to know what you girls choose a method to approach him for woo or confess~<img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/e/287.gif">

kyaaa Duke the exchange student from another planet!
then when time to go back ...Kouji cry~ (have already fall in love)

Re: Dynamic Pro High School!

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/06/07 (Sat) 11:10:17
The strange part is that Kouji was excelling academically and also one of the school's star athletes before Duke's arrival, but afterwards he became much clumsier and his GPA mysteriously plummeted. Then his only A was in ceramics for making a nice saucer.

Like Purin and Maneswan, I’ve also gotten really hung up on Hayato’s Schoolhouse before. It's pretty brutal from the get-go, but the part that really disturbs me is when Saotome says that Hayato's IQ is some absurdly high number like 300. A genius who carries himself like a feral animal exists in opposition to the most fundamental narratives of the Enlightenment, which would have us believe that intelligence elevates us. That dissonance makes Hayato’s stint as a student revolutionary really fascinating to me, but Maneswan’s drawing is only the second piece of fanart I’ve ever seen depicting that part of his life! Maybe other fan artists are turned away from that chapter by Ishikawa's grotesque visuals, but Maneswan has proven here that it’s possible to draw a picture of student Hayato that feels accurate to his character while still being very pretty!! As for Purin's challenge, this version of Hayato is far beyond my skill level but if it was the TV version I’d just convince my mom to fake her death.

Previously undiscovered Go Nagai beau! 獣神ライガー Jushin Liger

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/07 (Wed) 11:59:44
I want to say...Download immediately! But no anime in english available? What a pity.
But art is good so I go ahead to watch.
Manga translated is available.

peapea was in disbelief from it so pretty. "Looks like... Go nagai themed doujin dream"
It's bittersweet find, because thinking when will we run out of good things? Of 80s-90s, to have something truly excite by.

Kouji doppelganger

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/10 (Sat) 06:58:31
Look who it is from more picture of " Jushin Liger"

Strange I never see this Kouji cameo, before.
By the way that the main character is a Kouji doppelganger! And style even sideburns is same of yaoi renditions of Kouji. *(laughing with tears) More immpressions later.

Re: Previously undiscovered Go Nagai beau! 獣神ライガー Jushin Liger

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/05/12 (Mon) 09:37:15
O______O waaaaaaaaaaah! Wanna watch it NOOOOOW!!!

manga review

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/05/17 (Sat) 08:44:59
Nice find! Since the manga is scanlated I decided to read that first to help me follow the show with as much understanding as possible.
Even though parts of the manga felt somewhat perfunctory, there were still enough moments of inspiration to make me love it. For example, I was impressed by the part where Liger sheds tears of sympathy for Ken, which seems to prefigure my favorite scene in the Giant Robo OVA. Is there an earlier example of this that I’m forgetting? It was also interesting to see the “real robot” style mechs of the JSDF fighting with the more old-fashioned looking metal knights. I liked the appearance of the bio-mechanical cockpits (and the irony of making the person who’s in control of the suit look like a marionette), though I was a bit disappointed that the psychic girls weren’t huddled inside of Bega-Ruuda like a pantomime horse XD. Nevertheless, they gave me a good laugh when they broke the fourth wall to prove Ryuu’s heritage!
Between reading the manga and watching the extended OP/ED on youtube I’ve gotten myself very excited to begin this anime!

Re: Kouji doppelganger

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/05/17 (Sat) 08:56:07
I would have said it earlier but I had to spend an entire week cackling at your sideburn commentary instead

can not live up to Kouji's sideburns

  • purinpu
  • 2014/05/21 (Wed) 03:45:54
I only begin this manga & see youtube OP ED but want to binge it sometime soon. I like your report prepare me hyped to read for the great points!

we are laughing it is fanfic kouji x ryo x musashi
fantasy dragon cosplay ryo x shota kouji x shota musashi love triangle prays for it
The real tragedy is there is no cracky doujinshi deliver this

Did you see the page introduce villains, "elite heart throb Ryuu Dork"!

That scene, I think is first. Before is on borderline to watch Giant Robo OVA since know it is great classic, but now tendercomrade reference it we must check~ <img src="http://dukefriedchicken.bbs.fc2.com/img/e/78.gif">

I recieve this impression. Theme of Jushin Lyger is quite of revolutionary iconic but execution is for a big portion conventional, not back-to-back exhilaration packed as Devilman was. But is a Go Nagai worth to check.

character heights

  • peapea
  • 2014/03/20 (Thu) 00:46:51
Just a quick note - this site [http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~zgd/Lecture/character-k.htm] has detailed profiles of the characters from Mazinger series, including height and weight.
Other Japanese fans reference the administrator as reliable source of information. Quoting: "Mr. Hanabusa was the greatest fan of Mazinger series. He worked for DVD's explanation book and so on."

According to the archive:
Kouji - 165cm in Mazinger, 170cm in Grendizer
Duke - 178cm
Tetsuya - 180cm

Kouji is not that short after all! But still can't reach the other pilots

Re: character heights

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/03/20 (Thu) 05:25:32
UOOOOH! Thanks so much for the link!Uaaaaah! so many detailed explanations about characters!! According to these profiles, Tetsuya is only one year elder than Kouji, and Duke is one year elder than Tetsuya. Perhaps Getter Team is the same age as Kouji... I love everybody is around 19~21 XDD so young and naughty XD

I made all them a little bit taller (Kouji 172cm, Tetsuya 186cm, Duke 182cm) but I think we were right after all XD When it comes to our dear pilots we are an intuitive fangirls! yeah!

Re: character heights

  • Yuji Mine
  • Site
  • 2014/03/23 (Sun) 05:31:00
Nice to meet you here!
For the person who does not know me …
I am a Japanese and am a big fan of Koji for 40 years.

I think as follows height of character.
Koji - 165cm in Mazinger, 170cm in Grendizer
Duke - 180cm
Tetsuya - 182cm

Body is also big Tetsuya because the training from the time of the child.
Koji was so normal boy, the body is also smaller.
However, motor nerves got a great Koji!
I love such Koji♪


  • purinpu
  • 2014/03/23 (Sun) 12:06:43
Waaa~! A big fan of Kouji for 40 years! I aspire to be as you do. Nowadays people switch their current anime burning passion with every new season or year, like a fad. But I want to find something great to love and invest self in forever.
Welcome, Yuji Mine ~ ^0^ We love with passionate fans to talk. Really look forward to hear your thoughts and ideas on anything.

Yes. Kouji have vibrant energy that is contagious. Shine warmth to us as the sun. Make everyone smile. I never like genki character type before, but for Kouji it is perfect and complete adore~

Re: character heights

  • purinpu
  • 2014/03/28 (Fri) 15:24:11
Yaaa! My intuition is accurate to bullseye >XDb *(laughing surprised)

Tetsuya is bara build, of course body should taller than Duke Fried. But Duke Fried is also ideal hero build so is not underestimated.
Then in Grendizer & Great Mazinger & Getter Robo crossover, Duke's fashion heels true are high~ sexy.

Kouji is perfect height for romantic tilt kiss to Duke!

Mention Mane's doujinshi. Despite official heights, it is right decision to for Maneswan to use gut feeling over else. Because should look cohesive to nature of Maneswan's universe.

Kouji vs. Duke

  • TenderComrade
  • 2013/11/28 (Thu) 22:30:41
Normally drawing cute boys makes me feel too embarrassed to show anyone what I've done, but I feel it's safe to share this here.
Duke is making only a perfunctory attempt to defend himself.

get him Kouji!

  • peapea
  • 2013/11/30 (Sat) 22:58:04
Great!! You captured them in such a moment that I REALLY want to see what's next! Works on my imagination

I love the energy of it. Having a (friendly) fight then holding hands is really their style.

Also the way you build form and dimension with flat color is just wow. The body shapes are accented in all the right places, I want to run my hand along the curves.

It's really awesome to see Grendizer art drawn by you!

PS. I don't want to seem like a person who's constantly commenting about butts, but
that's a great butt, 5 stars


  • peapea
  • 2013/11/30 (Sat) 23:12:19
We're really happy you visited!
This BBS is secret, and we ask every member to not take content posted here anywhere outside, so you can post comfortably.
I feel like it was totally worth to make it, if we could see your cute boys thanks to it!

Purin is currently traveling and has unstable Internet connection, but she asked me to tell you she's hyperventilating and can't breathe from excitement . She will write own reply when she's back in a few days.

Currently everyone seems pretty busy, but we definitely want to make some posts for Christmas.

Re: Kouji vs. Duke

  • purinpu
  • 2013/12/03 (Tue) 11:11:22

Need catch breathe.

Sometimes have wonder how much Grendizer you watched because you capture their essence of relationship; layers under surface as if familiar as seasoned fan. Even if you didn't watch any, I don't be surprised because people see surface but you can pierce through and assess the nature of being immediate and true, one of quality of ideal artist. Their style of get frisky by friendly tussle is what make us scream it is adorable~
challenge to explain to tangible since I feel a rush of all complexity feelings at once. Funny you use what appear simple style draw is have this effect. Because your image is such full complete... Sorry I be cumbersome but will try and each time get better. I frustrate because can't write more eloquent for art that let me feel so good.

I feel more form from it than when view realism style paint CGs. How you sculpt tasteful charm points with flats tantalize me.
love their heel high boots sexy sharp~~~ ! Such boots specially complement by skin tight combat suit

Your images have transfer of emotion with story sealed so perfect, this feel of complete reached when even rare among most famous illustration, also give me energy to polish complete of my vision want to share. It is completely different and unique reaction I get from other arts, I feel fortunate can taste and so curious to taste more!

Re: welcome

  • TenderComrade
  • 2013/12/05 (Thu) 09:56:26
Thank you for the warm welcome! You’re both so perceptive; able to see right away which of the boys’ characteristics I most enjoyed drawing. I’m relieved that nothing seems out of character to you. In response to Purin's curiosity, I confess that my knowledge of Grendizer is limited to Nagai’s manga and a handful of TV episodes (although I know Kouji from other manga and animations, of course). I’m very eager to watch more of the Grendizer anime, however! Now that I’ve drawn a little fanart for it I think I’m starting to see its unique appeal. I’ve come to expect the heroes in super robot anime to have more or less harsh relationships that are based on utility, rivalry, and tough love. I see these themes in Grendizer, but there’s also a warmth and spontaneity to the central relationship that is liberating to an artist.

tears of joy

  • purinpu
  • 2014/01/21 (Tue) 06:04:50

Re: Kouji vs. Duke

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/02/09 (Sun) 07:05:15
Nice to meet you, Tendercomrade!
I saw this pic when you posted it and I saved it inmediately *____________* Wanna see more from you! Your sytle is so dynamic and effective! Coloring is like pop art! You captured their personalities by color and action! Really good! Seems to me I'm watching at an anime scene... wanna see how it continues!! arf arf!
You are so talented!! Congrats!

Re: Kouji vs. Duke

  • tendercomrade
  • 2014/02/13 (Thu) 10:35:47
Hello, Maneswan!
I had a great time looking at your tumblr today. I’ve “lurked” it in the past and wanted to leave some praise but I was too shy;; Your figures are so solid and you draw with an emotional intelligence that really brings them to life! And you’re so prolific! It makes me feel like a complete lazy bones. I will try to be a better fan girl!

Re: Kouji vs. Duke

  • nanapara
  • 2014/02/14 (Fri) 21:42:14
You draw such difficult pose likely to easily.
I feel the depth of your understanding of the human body.

And! These are fabulous, Kouji's kinky hands form, Duke's girlish knees movement.
Very cute & make me smile.

Re: Kouji vs. Duke

  • Maneswan
  • 2014/02/21 (Fri) 05:09:57
Oh! I didin't notice your reply until now. Thanks!
And thanks for visiting my tumblr, too! But, please, don't be shy! I think any artist loves to read comments about his/her work! XDDD Being a better fangilr is not a matter of quantity, it's a matter of looooove! And I can see love in your work!

Re: Kouji vs. Duke

  • purinpu
  • 2014/03/18 (Tue) 14:01:14
It is interesting for me to listen to all such talented artist's speak their insights. I never forget to revere what a special opportunity this is. Surrounded by these creative energy is inspiring. ( my eyes sparkling )

Nanapara's observation also have echoed what I registered in my mind upon view but not have ability to express. Especially "Kouji's kinky hands form, Duke's girlish knees movement." Were the focal charm points, isn't it? I like your english (^^